• Is your sales force effectively communicating the subtleties of your community's architecture, planning and programming?

  • Do you have systems in place allowing you to review, in real time, the day-to-day efforts of your sales associates?

  • Does your sales operation, in words and action, effectively communicate all the dimensions of your community?

  • Is there depth and consistency in the choreography and scripting of your sales presentations?

  • Do these presentations accurately reflect your aspirations for the character of your community?

  • Do you or your sales team need short-term assistance and training in managing and executing your sales goals?

High-level presentation transcends "selling", approaching genuine social interaction.

Working at this depth requires a deep understanding of people, process and authentic community.

  1. Storyline presentation

  2. Scripting

  3. Choreography

  4. Touring

  5. Audio, visual and fulfillment materials

  6. Presentation tactics and strategies

  7. Information and sales office design

  8. Commission and incentive programs

  9. Contract presentation

  10. Documenting the sale

  11. Effective customer relationship management (CRM)

  12. On-site demographic gathering

  13. Office oversight and management

  14. Start-up structures

  15. Staffing

  16. Pre-closing administration

  17. End-loan financing strategies

  18. Procedures and oversight

  19. After-sale assistance

  20. Property exchanges and trades

  21. Psychological and cultural dynamics within the sales process