Planning Assistance

  • Does your planning process include in-depth input from those who will take your community to market?

  • How will you transfer the excitement and enthusiasm of your planning and architecture to your customers?

  • Do your marketing and sales personnel have a deep understanding of and connection to community design?

  • Does your community plan reflect a character and culture that will speak to your audience?

Creating meaningful places is inextricably linked to an understanding of those who will live there.

We help represent the voices of future residents and customers within the planning process.


  1. Envisioning and marketing input into the planning process

  2. Assisting with the creation of design narratives and programs

  3. Shaping planning to market conditions

  4. Integration of feasibility and demographic analysis

  5. Leading and participating in design charrettes

  6. Entitlements and permitting input

  7. Marketing strategies for architecture and architectural coding

  8. Stakeholder interactions

  9. Press and public relations

  10. Integrating planning and design with marketing and sales operations

  11. Market testing of planning programs and plans