Suburban Redevelopment

Promenade at Gaillardia. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Promenade is one of the final neighborhoods to be created in Gaillardia, considered among the finest country club communities in Oklahoma.

The neighborhood vision and projected programming are unique.

  • Significant programming, services and vibrancy within the neighborhood will become prototypes for the club and entire Gaillardia community.
  • Promenade residents will have access to VIP health services from Mercy Medical Center including in-home monitoring of vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.), online access to health records by hospital personnel, dedicated registered nurse and physician available to the neighborhood 24 hours per day and pre-registered for any hospital admissions, if necessary.
  • Neighborhood concierge services include grocery shopping and delivery, car washing, landscaping services, car rental, housekeeping, wine storage, airport pickup, in-home personal trainers, reservations, tickets and other personal services.

Kent consulted envisioning, planning, design, marketing and sales.


“…He (Kent) also has a nose for the dollar…he understands that unless we make a profit, nothing else matters. He also works fast and cuts right to the bottom line…"

"We are...moving fast, traveling extensively...but I do feel real momentum. I also think you know how much I appreciate you (creativity, energy, enthusiasm, sense of humor, expertise, stamina, good judgment, travel)…”  Phil Herrington, Founder, Promenade

The Moorings at Bayside Village. Orange Beach, Alabama

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Prior to Kent’s involvement, the developers of this site attempted unsuccessfully to presell a condominium development. The existing on-site sales team then requested that Kent become part of the development and marketing team.

Kent recommended the failed project be replaced by a new harborfront mixed-use village incorporating a new village retail center anchoring the existing established marina, a popular local on-site restaurant and a new condominium development plan to be placed directly on the harborfront. With the new planning and design changes and a retooled marketing program, the condominiums presold successfully.

Chris Kent was referred to us by David Head, Jr. of The Head companies of Point Clear, Alabama. His first assignment was to put to rest a project that was a failure prior to his involvement.The new project located on the Back Water of Terry Cove, consisted of a condominium building that was to be built next to an existing marina, dry boat storage facility and restaurant.

Chris’s primary goals and objectives were:

  1. Oversee the planning tem, integrating a village center into the plan to connect the residential condominiums with the marina use.
  2. Completely replace existing failed condominium plan with a new condominium directly on the waterfront that was saleable.
  3. Create a vision and vision statement for the development, as a bayside village with a condominium named The Moorings, placed within the waterfront village.
  4. Create a marketing plan, directly conceive and place all advertising, media materials, graphics (with outside vendors), website, brochures, etc.
  5. Work regularly with sales staff and refine the marketing plan as needed.
  6. Work regularly with developers to execute the plan.

The project sold remarkably well, given its Back Bay location. The project sold out in less than one year...far faster than any other Back Bay project. We sincerely feel that this project would not have been a success without the involvement of Chris Kent.”  
Gordon Ripps and Dennis Meherin, Project Sales Associates (for the previous project and throughout planning, development and sellout of the new project).

Enclaves on Destin Harbor. Destin, Florida

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The firm was retained to assemble a prominent Destin harborfront site and prepare it for development, including:

  • Completing a land-use analysis
  • Creating a vision and program for planning
  • Working with developers and planners to create a masterplan and architectural vocabulary
  • Consulting early phases of execution of the plan
  • Directing the marketing and sale of finished properties

The masterplan is made up of four towered Pan Caribbean villas, each with an individual pool waterfall connecting each main residence to its boathouse and the harbor below. Individual grottos for al fresco family dining will be excavated into the hillside and attached to each harborfront boathouse. Each boathouse structure serves dual roles as a family cooking/dining pavilions and accommodation for guests and waterfront staff. Dockage and slips for two 45’ yachts plus additional watercraft (minutes from the Gulf of Mexico) are included with each individual residence.

The site, with the new plan, documentation and completed docks and slips, was resold within approximately twenty four months for over twice the original purchase price.

"Chris Kent and I worked closely and successfully to shape Enclaves in a way that made it more than just a real estate development. Destin had never seen such a development and we believe it sets a new standard today. Chris was a key player in helping us maximize our approaches to assemblage, feasibility, planning, architecture and initial development."

"Chris has been a real estate mentor for me…." Joe Winkeler, Ozean, LLC, Development

Gaillardia, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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The owners of this highly-successful and prominent club community are expanding the club into a true community center. In pursuit of this objective, Kent's consulting includes:

  • Expansion of potential mixed-use and commercial development on contiguous sites
  • Revitalization and redefinition of club activities
  • Club management and staffing strategies
  • Retooling food, beverage and club service operations
  • Expanding club concierge services for Gaillardia residents and club members
  • Design, development and marketing of Promenade, a new pedestrian-oriented neighborhood to be integrated within Gaillardia
  • A program for the design of a new Information Office for real estate sales
  • Assisting in creating and market-testing graphic presentations that describe Promenade and its relationship with existing Gaillardia community amenities and community fabric
  • Significant strategies, programming and events inextricably linking club operations and real estate sales

"Your intellect, your insight, your creativity and your emphasis on results are very, very rare…"  Phil Herrington, Founder

State of Alabama and Honda Manufacturing of Alabama. Lincoln, Alabama

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When the Town of Lincoln, Alabama was chosen as a location for a new Honda Motor Company plant, the Alabama state government retained Kent to assist Lincoln officeholders in preparing for significant planning and social changes that would occur as a result.

On behalf of the State, Kent analyzed planning challenges, traffic issues and changes in social fabric, crime and quality of living in municipalities where comparable automobile manufacturing facilities were located at that time. (Honda facilities in Marysville, Ohio; Smyrna, Georgia and Anna, Ohio and the first Saturn plant in Union County, Tennessee).

After compiling this initial data, Kent arranged meetings between government officials in Marysville, Ohio and Maury County, Tennessee and their Lincoln counterparts to share this information and their experiences first-hand.

Kent then created recommendations for the Lincoln officials addressing projected planning and social impacts to their town (a) during construction of the plant (approximately 3 years), and (b) after the plant began operations with permanent autoworker employees.

Those recommendations were followed by a report and recommendations for the creation of a masterplan for the City of Lincoln and its surrounding area.

Kent received a commendation from the Governor of the State of Alabama for dedication and professionalism as advisor to the Alabama Commerce Commission.

Destin Pointe. Destin, Florida

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Destin Pointe was originally owned and developed by a development and equity team that included Mel Simon, whose firm was considered the largest shopping center developer in the world.

The development was originally a condominium tower project and was fully retooled to convert it into a neighborhood comprised primarily of homesites, homes and cottages.

Kent consulted with the planning and development team reshaping the envisioning, planning, development, staffing, marketing and sales, repositioning the project as an island neighborhood.

“To complete our team, one of the best kept secrets in the Southeast is Chris Kent. As you may or may not know, Chris is one of the most creative and talented professionals in real estate design and marketing anywhere in the country. He has been the quiet, creative force behind the scenes of more significant new real estate developments than any other consultant that we know of regionally, or nationally for that matter…we have worked with Chris for a number of years and know for a fact he shares our commitment to quality and delivers the goods…”  Phil Herrington, Destin Guardian Corporation, Founder

“With Chris Kent’s counsel in the areas of sales management, property management, and the re-pricing of our real estate, we have more than doubled our sales this past year…With Mr. Kent’s judgment, integrity and experience we have literally turned our operation around, and through Chris’ marketing leadership, Destin Pointe has become the friendly island neighborhood we envisioned.”  Ann Wait, Former General Manager, Destin Pointe

International Villages. South Padre Island, Texas

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Kent participated with planners and REALTORS in envisioning the development of certain Texas coastal sites.

He created a vision and program for design recognizing the cultural diversity of this border area by means of a series of international villages. Each self-sustaining village included design and cultural elements from surrounding areas in the United States and Mexico, allowing citizens of both countries to engage the sea and one another. Individual villages were connected to a major Town Center featuring large-scale retail, civic, commercial and office districts for the benefit of the surrounding villages and acting as a beachside gathering center for residents and visitors within a day’s drive.


“During 2004 and 2005, as a real estate broker and project manager, I represented an Atlanta based real estate development company. On behalf of the company, I requested Chris Kent to provide for us an in-depth study of large, ocean front parcels in South Texas on Mustang Island and South Padre Island, some two hundred miles apart. Mr. Kent joined us on a detailed site visit to both areas and provided us a comprehensive analysis of each of the coastal Texas markets. Included in the report are highest & best development scenarios detailing matters from land use designations, master plan concepts, entitlement strategies all the way through the sales process. He is always the first person I ask for counsel from when considering any new real estate project…” “Chris Kent is the guru who concepts the framework of successful traditional neighborhood developments. He is the bond that keeps planners, architects and developers focused, while he successfully choreographs the intricate details of community structure that make new communities work…”  Johnny Earles, CEO and Managing Broker, 30A Resorts

Town Center Development Parcel. Orange Beach, Alabama

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To assist in the sale of an undeveloped site, Kent created a program for the design of a town center at the intersection of a new expressway and established residential area near the Back Bay of Orange Beach.

"We had a well located piece of property but needed to create a story for the site that would bring it alive and help us sell it to end users. Chris Kent created an ambitious, involved and detailed planning program that helped us position the site as a gathering center for Orange Beach. There is no doubt in my mind that Kent’s program helped us in the ultimate valuation and sale of the property." Joe Winkeler, Owners Representative

The Beach Club. Gulf Shores, Alabama

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The Beach Club is a destination resort with four towers of condominium residences, village center, multiple amenities and approximately 25,000 square feet of club and spa facilities overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Kent consulted envisioning, planning, development, marketing and sales, assisting with the successful sellout of all the 700+ condominium residences. Firm marketing and oversight included design and placement of all advertising, brochures, presentation pieces and promotional video during the sales process.

"In the initial conception stages of The Beach Club, we interviewed several marketing/counseling firms and decided to request the services of Christopher Kent…his duties and responsibilities are widespread. Initially he was responsible for guiding and aiding the design of our land use. He was responsible for combining towers, villas and commercial property into a village concept. This was achieved through his idea of using our amenities, such as a racquet club, children’s center, nature preserves, beach club, village center, boardwalks and walking trails as focal points to involve the guests in community affairs. He was also heavily involved in the formation of our brokerage firm. As the Beach Club has evolved, Christopher has played an integral part in the marketing, pricing, designing, planning, advising and hiring of personnel for the Beach Club. In summary, through Christopher’s counseling and advising, we were able to sell close to 20 million dollars of real estate in 90 days."  David H. Head, Jr., Head Companies, Operating Partner/Developer, Beach Club

"Chris, we had awesome sales activity our first day out…we sold 40 units for a total of just over $12 million!"  Amy Stehmeyer, Director of Sales, The Beach Club

"As the producer/director for The Beach Club’s marketing video, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciated working with your company and Christopher Kent. His outstanding attention to detail, creativity, and professionalism were truly an invaluable asset to the success of the video. In addition to his working knowledge of the video industry, he was courteous and easy to get along with. Often there are on-site problems that happen, yet are beyond our control. Chris proved to be a valuable addition to our production crew by trying to help us manage these obstacles and avoid problems before they occurred."  G. Brooke Lowsley, Manager of Production Services, Images ShowMakers, Inc.

North Light Yacht Club. Niceville, Florida

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The ownership and development group worked with Kent to assemble, envision and plan a yacht club offering 280 condominium boat slips.


"Chris Kent was instrumental in finding our marina site and helping us program and plan what is now considered a major marina condominium operation."

"Kent has been and remains a trusted advisor…."  Joe Winkeler, Ozean, LLC, Development

Neighborhood of Caribe. Destin, Florida

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Kent joined a design and development team to create the Neighborhood of Caribe, a collection of homes, amenities and civic space in the tradition of the French Caribbean, all overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

As a part of the envisioning and planning process, the team:

  • Consulted with Martine Gaume’, a French architect and co-author of the book Caribbean Style
  • Visited the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe as Ms. Gaume's guests to analyze vernacular planning, architecture and community traditions of that region
  • Transplanted the spirit of that region to a Northwest Florida neighborhood.

Kent directly managed the first phase of marketing and sales. The project competed successfully with nearby developments containing significantly more amenities and land mass.

"My career was shaped by my good fortune of being selected by Chris Kent to help market a Caribbean-style neighborhood in Destin, Florida. He was instrumental in shaping my appreciation of architecture and carefully planned neighborhoods and towns.

Chris is blessed with a natural inclination to thoroughly research and develop an idea into an aesthetically pleasing living environment, with even the smallest details carefully planned and executed. He then assembles a team to market the property and his careful attention to detail carries through this process, as well. The result is a community that stands apart from the others. You may not be able to put your finger on why, but there is no question that it does.

Over the years, I have grown to respect Chris and his abilities and style very much and beleive that someone interested in creating a neighborhood, community or town that stands above the others should definitely include Chris Kent in the design and marketing process."  Willee Skibbe, Florida REALTOR and former site sales associate for The Neighborhood of Caribe

“I recently read about your Caribe development in Destin in Architectural Record. Seaside appears to be a wonderful success and I’m sure that Caribe will also be…"  
Lloyd Vogt, Architect and Author of LOUISIANA: River Region Vernacular, New Orleans Houses and Historic Buildings of the French Quarter.

The Olympia. Destin, Florida

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The firm consulted the assemblage, envisioning, planning, permitting, development and marketing of this five-residence penthouse condominium development overlooking the Destin Harbor.

Located on a site where previous development entitlements had failed, the finished project offers tropical architecture with appointments and details reminiscent of a fine yacht, including:

  • Teak-clad boat slips
  • Paneled mahogany walls, cabinetry and beamed ceilings
  • Waterfront breakfast settees
  • Interior teak floors
  • Tumbled, slab and tile carrara marble finishes
  • Viking catering-ready chef kitchens
  • Mahogany-clad private poolside cabanas
  • Copper roof
  • Vantage lighting and home-control systems
  • Structured parking


"Kent’s guidance and assistance helped us create one of the finest – if not THE finest – condominium project in Northwest Florida."  Joe Winkeler, Development

"In and around 1998, another developer
(not associated with CAKPA) proposed a condominium…for the property. Mr. Jordan owned the house to the immediate West of the proposed project. In our view, (the previously submitted condominium plans) were not compatible with the neighborhood and we gathered with other surrounding property owners to oppose the project. During that process, we were so concerned with the (previous project) that I assisted Mr. Jordan in purchasing the property to stop that particular development. It was our intent upon purchasing the lot to either (1) develop the property in a manner that was compatible with Mr. Jordan’s home next door (It is the largest single family home on Holiday Isle) and the neighborhood or (2) to create deed restrictions and resell the property to a developer who would develop the property according to our wishes…I have reviewed the preliminary plans and renderings for The Olympia and commend these developers in creating architecture and a building scale that is compatible with both Mr. Jordan’s home and the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, in my view, the quality of the architecture, the proposed amenities and final proposed purchaser prices for these condominium units will enhance the values of the neighborhood.”  Jack Simpson, Holiday Isle Properties, Representative of Mr. Jordan (Letter to planning authorities).

“I have reviewed the preliminary plans and renderings for The Olympia and commend the developers for creating a project that is attractive and compatible with my property and the surrounding neighborhood.”  Lewis Jordan, Previous property owner, owner of next door property and leader of the opposition to previous development of the site (Letter to planning authorities)

Kiva Dunes, Gulf Shores, Alabama

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The developer and their design team worked with Kent addressing changes to the masterplan to encourage gathering and resident/guest interaction.

Proposed Hilton Resort and Yacht Club on Okaloosa Island. Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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A development group was searching high-profile sites in Northwest Florida for a holiday resort ultimately offering a major flag hotel and significant yacht club facilities.

 Kent participated in assembling the site (entailing the purchase of three motel-marinas) and assisted with envisioning and early planning work.

 The masterplan includes a 450 room Hilton hotel, 11,600 square foot yacht club, and 140 boat slips overlooking the Choctawhatchee Bay, the Intracoastal Waterway and Gulf of Mexico.


"We had been looking for a large development site in Northwest Florida. Chris Kent helped us assemble a significant site (requiring our purchase of three separate hotel properties) that we believe is one of the unique and premiere hotel sites in all of Northwest Florida. Kent was a valued member of the planning team and a trusted advisor to me throughout our work on the project."

"Chris moves beyond the typical real estate consultant…."  Joe Winkeler, Ozean LLC, Development