Club Properties

Steelwood. Loxley, Alabama

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Steelwood is a 2,600+ acre family-owned private golf, fishing and hunting resort community reminiscent of celebrated family lodges in the United States and abroad.

The resort was a part of the Relais and Chateau™ collection and received Orvis™ endorsements for its hunting and fishing operations.

Kent consulted marketing of the resort and, working with architects, planners, engineers and the client, facilitated the completion of an amended masterplan:

  • Refining residential areas to appeal to a broader market
  • Combining civic structures and public spaces with existing amenities to reinforce resort and residential sales
  • Establishing a new village center to complement the residential neighborhoods and club operations

“Great job on the workshop! I am as always amazed at your smooth and persuasive manner and ability to get to the heart of the problem…” Robbin Gregory, Planner for the new masterplan

The Beach Club. Gulf Shores, Alabama

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The Beach Club is a destination resort with four towers of condominium residences, village center, multiple amenities and approximately 25,000 square feet of club and spa facilities overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Kent consulted envisioning, planning, development, marketing and sales, assisting with the successful sellout of all the 700+ condominium residences. Firm marketing and oversight included design and placement of all advertising, brochures, presentation pieces and promotional video during the sales process.

"In the initial conception stages of The Beach Club, we interviewed several marketing/counseling firms and decided to request the services of Christopher Kent…his duties and responsibilities are widespread. Initially he was responsible for guiding and aiding the design of our land use. He was responsible for combining towers, villas and commercial property into a village concept. This was achieved through his idea of using our amenities, such as a racquet club, children’s center, nature preserves, beach club, village center, boardwalks and walking trails as focal points to involve the guests in community affairs. He was also heavily involved in the formation of our brokerage firm. As the Beach Club has evolved, Christopher has played an integral part in the marketing, pricing, designing, planning, advising and hiring of personnel for the Beach Club. In summary, through Christopher’s counseling and advising, we were able to sell close to 20 million dollars of real estate in 90 days."  David H. Head, Jr., Head Companies, Operating Partner/Developer, Beach Club

"Chris, we had awesome sales activity our first day out…we sold 40 units for a total of just over $12 million!"  Amy Stehmeyer, Director of Sales, The Beach Club

"As the producer/director for The Beach Club’s marketing video, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciated working with your company and Christopher Kent. His outstanding attention to detail, creativity, and professionalism were truly an invaluable asset to the success of the video. In addition to his working knowledge of the video industry, he was courteous and easy to get along with. Often there are on-site problems that happen, yet are beyond our control. Chris proved to be a valuable addition to our production crew by trying to help us manage these obstacles and avoid problems before they occurred."  G. Brooke Lowsley, Manager of Production Services, Images ShowMakers, Inc.

Sky Carolina. North Wilkesboro, North Carolina

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A Northwest Florida marketing agency recommended that their client add Kent to the marketing and development team for a new mountain tennis community in North Carolina.

Initial marketing efforts were primarily dependent upon a series of launches integrating sales presentations and tennis master classes/exhibitions featuring former tennis tour professionals Tim Wilkison and Don Johnson. (Tim Wilkison won 6 singles titles and 9 doubles championship and was known as “Dr. Dirt” for his diving volleys at Wimbledon. Don Johnson reached the World No. 1 doubles ranking in 2002).


“…your lessons are everywhere at Sky, and I continue to think about every small detail!”

“All information noted, appreciated, and considered well worth the value…”

“…he (a Water Quality Inspector with 30 year’s experience inspecting the site) said in all of his experience (he has never been to Seaside) he had never seen such a community and thought that the bar had now been set so high that no one would be able to compete with Sky…I owe this compliment directly to you…"  Bo Quickel, Founder, Sky Carolina

“Your presentation of the process was delivered eloquently and intellectually and kept my interest for the entire 3 days…”  Mary Lentz, Sky Carolina Events


Gaillardia, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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The owners of this highly-successful and prominent club community are expanding the club into a true community center. In pursuit of this objective, Kent's consulting includes:

  • Expansion of potential mixed-use and commercial development on contiguous sites
  • Revitalization and redefinition of club activities
  • Club management and staffing strategies
  • Retooling food, beverage and club service operations
  • Expanding club concierge services for Gaillardia residents and club members
  • Design, development and marketing of Promenade, a new pedestrian-oriented neighborhood to be integrated within Gaillardia
  • A program for the design of a new Information Office for real estate sales
  • Assisting in creating and market-testing graphic presentations that describe Promenade and its relationship with existing Gaillardia community amenities and community fabric
  • Significant strategies, programming and events inextricably linking club operations and real estate sales

"Your intellect, your insight, your creativity and your emphasis on results are very, very rare…"  Phil Herrington, Founder

River Ranch. Lafayette, Louisiana

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River Ranch is a new village in Lafayette, Louisiana. Planning and development included moving the existing City Club, a major Lafayette social and fitness club operation, from its downtown midrise location to the River Ranch village center creating civic and gathering spaces for village residents, visitors and the approximately 1000 members of the City Club.

River Ranch has shown by example that new villages targeted towards permanent residents can be successful while contributing energy and vibrancy to surrounding communities.

Kent consulted early envisioning, planning, development, marketing and sales. The firm later assisted in refocusing marketing and sales operations to bring them under Founder-ownership and control.


"Thanks for all of your help in executing the vision."  Robert Daigle, Founder

“…I just wanted to say thank you for your time over the last two days and how much we appreciate your guidance and vision for our new realty offices. I believe we will be the envy of all Realtors in our area…”  Karla Vinet, Executive Assistant to Robert Daigle (Founder)

North Light Yacht Club. Niceville, Florida

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The ownership and development group worked with Kent to assemble, envision and plan a yacht club offering 280 condominium boat slips


"Chris Kent was instrumental in finding our marina site and helping us program and plan what is now considered a major marina condominium operation."

"Kent has been and remains a trusted advisor…." Joe Winkeler, Ozean, LLC, Development

Emerald Bay. Destin, Florida

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Developers for this new golf course community in Northwest Florida worked with Kent addressing early marketing and creation of an early-ownership founders program.

Kiva Dunes, Gulf Shores, Alabama

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The developer and their design team worked with Kent addressing changes to the masterplan to encourage gathering and resident/guest interaction.


Proposed Hilton Resort and Yacht Club on Okaloosa Island. Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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A development group was searching high-profile sites in Northwest Florida for a holiday resort ultimately offering a major flag hotel and significant yacht club facilities.

Kent participated in assembling the site (entailing the purchase of three motel-marinas) and assisted with envisioning and early planning work.

The masterplan includes a 450 room Hilton hotel, 11,600 square foot yacht club, and 140 boat slips overlooking the Choctawhatchee Bay, the Intracoastal Waterway and Gulf of Mexico.


"We had been looking for a large development site in Northwest Florida. Chris Kent helped us assemble a significant site (requiring our purchase of three separate hotel properties) that we believe is one of the unique and premiere hotel sites in all of Northwest Florida. Kent was a valued member of the planning team and a trusted advisor to me throughout our work on the project."

"Chris moves beyond the typical real estate consultant…."  Joe Winkeler, Ozean LLC, Development

Seascape Resort. Destin, Florida

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Kent consulted early presales and sales programs for the addition of new neighborhoods to an established second and third-tier resort property in Northwest Florida.

Promenade at Gaillardia. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Promenade is one of the final neighborhoods to be created in Gaillardia, considered among the finest country club communities in Oklahoma.

The neighborhood vision and projected programming are unique.

  • Significant programming, services and vibrancy within the neighborhood will become prototypes for the club and entire Gaillardia community.
  • Promenade residents will have access to VIP health services from Mercy Medical Center including in-home monitoring of vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.), online access to health records by hospital personnel, dedicated registered nurse and physician available to the neighborhood 24 hours per day and pre-registered for any hospital admissions, if necessary.
  • Neighborhood concierge services include grocery shopping and delivery, car washing, landscaping services, car rental, housekeeping, wine storage, airport pickup, in-home personal trainers, reservations, tickets and other personal services.

Kent consulted envisioning, planning, design, marketing and sales.

“…He (Kent) also has a nose for the dollar…he understands that unless we make a profit, nothing else matters. He also works fast and cuts right to the bottom line…"

"We are...moving fast, traveling extensively...but I do feel real momentum. I also think you know how much I appreciate you (creativity, energy, enthusiasm, sense of humor, expertise, stamina, good judgment, travel)…”  Phil Herrington, Founder, Promenade

Wild Heron. Panama City Beach, Florida

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The firm worked on early envisioning and feasibility for a new resort property incorporating multiple uses and a Greg Norman signature golf course.

Hasiko. Ewa Beach. Oahu, Hawaii

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Kent consulted sales operations providing a written manual addressing the structure, venue and operations of the real estate sales organization.