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 Examples of Proprietary Work

The Town of Seaside. Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

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Seaside is a new beach town founded in 1981. The town's planning, architecture and sense of community received national and international acclaim and it is considered a prototype for Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) and New Urbanism (NU). 

Christopher A. Kent, P.A. and Chris Kent individually managed Seaside’s real estate marketing and sales operations from 1984 until 1996 as manager and principal broker of Seaside Community Realty, Inc.

Kent also held positions on Seaside management, steering and executive committees during that time.

Since 1996, the firm has consulted for both Seaside Community Realty, Inc. and Seaside Community Development Corporation in various capacities and continues to do so today.

"Chris Kent is a philosopher in a field not known for thoughtful or mindful advisors.  He was instrumental in putting together a sales program for Seaside, and he did so by training two young, inexperienced women in ways that allowed them almost immediately to hold their own with buyers who tended to try to dominate every encounter. These young women also grew into sophisticated and cosmopolitan individuals, and for 30 years they have been the members of our staff in whom homeowners have the greatest confidence.

He encouraged them to sell the idea of Seaside, not just the real estate, and this was key in helping Seaside to develop into a community as well as helping Seaside houses, now older and less well-equipped than houses in newer developments, to continue to sell for prices generally higher than in neighboring communities.

Chris helped us develop an effective technique for using predictable price increases to modulate sales, to slow them down when they might have overburdened our small building department and to speed them up when economic slowdowns might normally have slowed them down.  By announcing a price increase, but giving customers the opportunity to purchase property at current prices if they acted within 30 or 60 days, a sales slowdown was almost always turned around.

Chris has remained "of counsel" to our sales staff and to me, and his advice during the recent economic crisis has been, as always, wise and helpful."  Robert S. Davis, Seaside Founder

“…No single employee, manager or outside consultant has contributed more to the success of the Town of Seaside than Chris Kent. His integrity, character and innovation provided a foundation that we continue to build on today…”  
Jacky Barker, Sales Associate (27 years), Principal Broker of Seaside Community Realty, Inc.

“…a great mentor…”  Donna Spiers, Sales Associate (28 years), Seaside Community Realty, Inc.

“Of all the people at Seaside you have displayed the greatest generosity – not only of material things but of spirit.” Deborah Burke, Original Seaside Town Architect. Professor of Architectural Design, Yale University

"Chris Kent is the most astute real estate consultant known to me. My understanding of real estate marketing, an invaluable tool in my work as an architectural photographer, is a direct result of having worked with Chris for 30 years."  Steven Brooke: Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, Fellow of the Albright Institute in Jerusalem, winner of the AIA National Honor Award for Photography, recipient of two Graham Foundation Grants, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture.

Founder’s Ridge. Sundance, Utah

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Founder’s Ridge is a new neighborhood celebrating nature and the creative process, contributing to the significant character of Robert Redford’s Sundance. The neighborhood will extend Sundance's reach to those who desire a more intimate experience, while uniting the two communities by means of shared programming, considered planning and design and environmental stewardship.

Firm work includes:

  • Design charrette facilitation and participation
  • Creating a vision statement to guide planning and architecture
  • Member of the planning team formulating a masterplan and architectural vocabulary
  • Assisting in identifying new programming vehicles that will join the significant programming and events of Sundance Resort, the Redford Center and Sundance Preserve.
  • Consulting the creation of marketing and sales materials for presentation to a select group of purchasers, the media and public.


“Chris Kent is one of the most accomplished marketing professionals and community planners in America today. Chris is very unconventional - he is an artist (classically trained musician) by background and training with a wide range of interests who decided he much preferred business and problem solving to the music business. He loves art but he thrives on business.”

“I have known Chris for almost 20 years and he has been involved in the marketing of a number of our projects. He is smart, quick, objective, a brutal and intelligent analyst of markets and a strong strategist…”  Phil Herrington, Principal, Herrington Inc., Founder of Sundance Founder’s Ridge

Prairie Crossing. Grayslake, Illinois

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Prairie Crossing is a nationally recognized conservation community located outside of Chicago, Illinois. The pedestrian-oriented farming community combines open land preservation, conscientious development practices and thoughtful civic gathering, all within a short rail commute to the Chicago Loop. It remains a prototype for future conservation and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) communities nationally.

Kent consulted marketing, sales and press coverage for the community.

“Thanks so much for your very important help – at key points for us! We implemented a number of your good suggestions in Sales and Marketing with the results you see in this (Chicago Tribune) article...”  Vicky Ranney, Prairie Crossing Founder

“Thanks for the great comments on our billboards! We have been struggling to move forward on the copy for quite a while. I was hopeful that you might be effective at breaking our log jam. Sure enough, we are on our way thanks to you! ”  Karen Salmon, CFO and Chief Operation Officer, Prairie Crossing

“Thank you again for your help on my story about Prairie Crossing, ' Green pastures are the promise,’ which ran in the Sunday, Aug. 20 issue of the Chicago Tribune…”  David T. Ibata, Staff Writer, Chicago Tribune

River Ranch. Lafayette, Louisiana

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River Ranch is a new village in Lafayette, Louisiana. Planning and development included moving the existing City Club, a major Lafayette social and fitness club operation, from its downtown midrise location to the River Ranch village center creating civic and gathering spaces for village residents, visitors and the approximately 1000 members of the City Club.

River Ranch has shown by example that new villages targeted towards permanent residents can be successful while contributing energy and vibrancy to surrounding communities.

Kent consulted early envisioning, planning, development, marketing and sales. The firm later assisted in refocusing marketing and sales operations to bring them under Founder-ownership and control.


"Thanks for all of your help in executing the vision."  Robert Daigle, Founder

“…I just wanted to say thank you for your time over the last two days and how much we appreciate your guidance and vision for our new realty offices.  I believe we will be the envy of all Realtors in our area…”  Karla Vinet, Executive Assistant to Robert Daigle (Founder)


Promenade at Gaillardia. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Promenade is one of the final neighborhoods to be created in Gaillardia, considered among the finest country club communities in Oklahoma.

The neighborhood vision and projected programming are unique.

  • Significant programming, services and vibrancy within the neighborhood will become prototypes for the club and entire Gaillardia community. 
  • Promenade residents will have access to VIP health services from Mercy Medical Center including in-home monitoring of vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.), online access to health records by hospital personnel, dedicated registered nurse and physician available to the neighborhood 24 hours per day and pre-registered for any hospital admissions, if necessary.
  • Neighborhood concierge services include grocery shopping and delivery, car washing, landscaping services, car rental, housekeeping, wine storage, airport pickup, in-home personal trainers, reservations, tickets and other personal services.

Kent consulted envisioning, planning, design, marketing and sales.


“…He (Kent) also has a nose for the dollar…he understands that unless we make a profit, nothing else matters. He also works fast and cuts right to the bottom line…"

"We are...moving fast, traveling extensively...but I do feel real momentum. I also think you know how much I appreciate you (creativity, energy, enthusiasm, sense of humor, expertise, stamina, good judgment, travel)…”  
Phil Herrington, Founder, Promenade

Carillon Beach. Panama City Beach, Florida

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Carillon Beach is new village in Bay County, Florida that competed successfully with the formidable nearby new towns of Seaside and Rosemary Beach during its early residential development phase, while maintaining significantly lower marketing and advertising costs.

Kent consulted envisioning, planning and development while managing early marketing and sales operations as principal broker of the on-site realty company.


“I have known and worked with Mr. Chris Kent for the past eight years in the planning, developing, marketing and sales of Carillon Beach. Chris was the first member of the team that is responsible for this successful implementation…he introduced Mr. Lloyd Vogt, town planner, to the concept of Carillon and has served as an integral part of the development team…Under the direction of Chris, the marketing and sales efforts were implemented. As a result of his efforts, Carillon Beach has sold about 150 of the 300 lots available for sale. ..This successful sales effort has been accomplished with a minimal budget for advertising, our strategy being to put monies for advertising into enhanced amenities. Chris possesses unusual insight, creative imagination, impeccable integrity and is a true professional…Chris has played an invaluable role in the creation of Carillon Beach and I will not hesitate to utilize his services in the future as the occasion arises.”  William D. Biggs, Sr., Founder, Carillon Beach

“Chris, I don’t mind telling you…learning from you has been and will be one of the ‘thrills’ and ‘highlight’ of my life. Your presentation has brought chills to my spine and tears to my eyes…”  Pam Collins, Original Sales Associate, Carillon Beach

“It’s been a dream of mine to one day have a beach house, to actually be able to look out my window, sit on the porch and walk out on the sand. Last Friday was the beginning of a dream come true…Please accept…my appreciation for your help and patience…”  Scott Sheppard, Former Vice President and Publisher, Southern Living Magazine and Carillon Beach homeowner

"Here are the prints...We think they look beautiful. Looking forward to seeing them in the July/August issue. Thanks a million for your help." Linda Whitmarsh, Features Editor, Home Magazine


I'On. Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

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The founder of this new village in the Low Country of South Carolina incorporated and activated a non-profit entity to promote early civic activity as a part of the original planning, design and development.

The completed village is a testament to the integration of thoughtful planning, well-executed architecture and civic components within a walkable community.

Kent consulted marketing, sales and non-profit foundation management including:

  • Shaping and managing the I’On Trust, a non-profit entity dedicated to promote civic activities within the village
  • Integrating marketing programs with community programming to increase sales  interest and inquiries
  • Advanced sales training for an established sales force


“…The purpose of our trip was to enlighten and inspire and you accomplished both with your eloquent words. You have indeed raised the process to an art form and in so doing, made the world a more beautiful place….” “…Your counsel is always appreciated and inspiring….”  Vince Graham, Founder, I’On

“…I didn’t really get a chance to slow down and tell you how great it is that you are sharing your wisdom and experience with us. You are a pleasure to work with and around and your calm approach is most reassuring. These are exciting times and there is much room for creativity but I get much comfort in having the opportunity to work with such a savvy sounding board…” “Thanks for your optimism and keen sense of balance…”  Alys Campaigne, Vice President of Strategic Planning, I’On Group

“Your visit to I’On was so helpful to me…in many different ways. I was inspired by your thoughtful vision for building civic infrastructure and enhancing community life…" Jan Pomerantz, Catalyst Corps, Consultant to the I’On Trust

“…It wouldn’t have been the same without your piece. Thanks for offering some wonderful metaphors and reminders of what it takes to make neighborhoods happen…” Julie Cofer, Civic Communications, I’On Trust

“I have always enjoyed your visits and your practical, calming effect…heavens knows we’ve needed that calming effect @ I’On a time or two!!!”  Peggy Orange, Senior Sales Associate, I’On Realty


Pointe-Marie. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Pointe-Marie is a new village celebrating the heritage of its French Creole founders.

Kent consulted envisioning, planning, marketing and sales including:

  • Interviewing three generations of founder family members who described family history and aspirations for the village
  • Creating a written narrative describing the village from those interviews
  • Naming the village, derived from the narrative and salient features of the site
  • Expanding the narrative into a design program describing the essential elements of the planning, architecture and worldview for the village
  • Facilitating and participating with a planning team in creating a masterplan for the village
  • Integrating a motor coach resort district within the village fabric
  • Identifying and positioning early development phasing
  • Participating in financial modeling


“Working with Chris is truly a blessing. His mindful approach and meaningful counsel should be applied universally, not just within the realm of real estate. He possess that unique combination of insight, talent, and experience to analyze markets from angles that few ever consider. The way he works to craft a new town or village is skilled, thoughtful, yet refreshing. His level of quality and foresight have helped us frame a vision into the type of community that we would all be proud to call home. He has been a good friend and mentor during the process. We are honored to have him as part of our Pointe-Marie family.“  Rhaoul Guillaume, Jr., Founder


State of Alabama and Honda Manufacturing of Alabama. Lincoln, Alabama

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When the Town of Lincoln, Alabama was chosen as a location for a new Honda Motor Company plant, the Alabama state government retained Kent to assist Lincoln officeholders in preparing for significant planning and social changes that would occur as a result.

On behalf of the State, Kent analyzed planning challenges, traffic issues and changes in social fabric, crime and quality of living in municipalities where comparable automobile manufacturing facilities were located at that time. (Honda facilities in Marysville, Ohio; Smyrna, Georgia and Anna, Ohio and the first Saturn plant in Union County, Tennessee).

After compiling this initial data, Kent arranged meetings between government officials in Marysville, Ohio and Maury County, Tennessee and their Lincoln counterparts to share this information and their experiences first-hand.

Kent then created recommendations for the Lincoln officials addressing projected planning and social impacts to their town (a) during construction of the plant (approximately 3 years), and (b) after the plant began operations with permanent autoworker employees.

Those recommendations were followed by a report and recommendations for the creation of a masterplan for the City of Lincoln and its surrounding area.

Kent received a commendation from the Governor of the State of Alabama for dedication and professionalism as advisor to the Alabama Commerce Commission.

Victoria and Albert Waterfront. Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

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The V&A Waterfront is considered South Africa's most visited destination offering over 450 retail outlets and 80 eateries and entertainment venues, all overlooking historic Cape Town basins, mountains and an historic harborfront.

Kent was consulted regarding development and marketing of 1,200 residences to be connected to commercial, retail, arts and crafts and entertainment fabric presently in place.

Topics included:

  • How the new residential development would interact with existing commercial and crafts areas
  • Vibrancy of public spaces and impacts to residential occupancies and sales velocities
  • Mixing transient and permanent residences
  • Security and access issues resulting from commercial events and activities
  • Marketing to second home clientele from the United Kingdom, France and Germany (with opposite seasons to South Africa)


Destin Pointe. Destin, Florida

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Destin Pointe was originally owned and developed by a development and equity team that included Mel Simon, whose firm was considered the largest shopping center developer in the world.

The development was initially a condominium tower project and was fully retooled to convert it into a neighborhood comprised primarily of homesites, homes and cottages.

Kent consulted with the planning and development team reshaping the envisioning, planning, development, staffing, marketing and sales, repositioning the project as an island neighborhood.

“To complete our team, one of the best kept secrets in the Southeast is Chris Kent. As you may or may not know, Chris is one of the most creative and talented professionals in real estate design and marketing anywhere in the country. He has been the quiet, creative force behind the scenes of more significant new real estate developments than any other consultant that we know of regionally, or nationally for that matter…we have worked with Chris for a number of years and know for a fact he shares our commitment to quality and delivers the goods…”  Phil Herrington, Destin Guardian Corporation, Founder

“With Chris Kent’s counsel in the areas of sales management, property management, and the re-pricing of our real estate, we have more than doubled our sales this past year…With Mr. Kent’s judgment, integrity and experience we have literally turned our operation around, and through Chris’ marketing leadership, Destin Pointe has become the friendly island neighborhood we envisioned.”  Ann Wait, Former General Manager, Destin Pointe

Bridge of the Americas Villages. Republic of Panama

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Potential planners and developers approached Kent to assist in planning and developing a large waterfront parcel overlooking major waterways where passenger ships await passage through the Panama Canal.

Our objective was to create a place that enticed shipboard visitors to spend time on-shore in lieu of staying aboard passenger liners during this waiting period.

Kent envisioned a destination resort comprised of multiple Villages-of-the-Americas. Each village would offer regional architecture and planning, dining, shopping, entertainment, first-class accommodations and programming in multiple venues.

These planning and programming elements, experienced altogether, would introduce the multiple cultures and heritage of the surrounding regions of the Americas within a single location.

“…I have and will continue to recommend Kent as a real estate counselor and advisor to my friends and associates. Kent’s reputation and integrity is without fault, and, I can be assured that he will always do an excellent job. But most importantly to me is that Kent is very professional and a gentleman.”  Les Siegelman, Project Planning Team Principal

Steelwood. Loxley, Alabama

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Steelwood is a 2,600+ acre family-owned private golf, fishing and hunting resort community reminiscent of celebrated family lodges in the United States and abroad.

The resort was a part of the Relais and Chateau™ collection and received Orvis™ endorsements for its hunting and fishing operations.

Kent consulted marketing of the resort and, working with architects, planners, engineers and the client, facilitated the completion of an amended masterplan:

  • Refining residential areas to appeal to a broader market
  • Adding civic structures and public spaces to existing amenities to reinforce resort and residential sales
  • Establishing a new village center to complement the residential neighborhoods and club operations


“Great job on the workshop! I am as always amazed at your smooth and persuasive manner and ability to get to the heart of the problem…”  Robbin Gregory, Planner

The Beach Club. Gulf Shores, Alabama

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The Beach Club is a destination resort with four towers of condominium residences, village center, multiple amenities and approximately 25,000 square feet of club and spa facilities overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Kent consulted envisioning, planning, development, marketing and sales, assisting with the successful sellout of all the 700+ condominium residences. Firm marketing and oversight included design and placement of all advertising, brochures, presentation pieces and promotional video during the sales process.


"In the initial conception stages of The Beach Club, we interviewed several marketing/counseling firms and decided to request the services of Christopher Kent…his duties and responsibilities are widespread. Initially he was responsible for guiding and aiding the design of our land use. He was responsible for combining towers, villas and commercial property into a village concept. This was achieved through his idea of using our amenities, such as a racquet club, children’s center, nature preserves, beach club, village center, boardwalks and walking trails as focal points to involve the guests in community affairs. He was also heavily involved in the formation of our brokerage firm. As the Beach Club has evolved, Christopher has played an integral part in the marketing, pricing, designing, planning, advising and hiring of personnel for the Beach Club. In summary, through Christopher’s counseling and advising, we were able to sell close to 20 million dollars of real estate in 90 days."  David H. Head, Jr., Head Companies, Operating Partner/Developer, Beach Club

"Chris, we had awesome sales activity our first day out…we sold 40 units for a total of just over $12 million!"  Amy Stehmeyer, Director of Sales, The Beach Club

"As the producer/director for The Beach Club’s marketing video, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciated working with your company and Christopher Kent. His outstanding attention to detail, creativity, and professionalism were truly an invaluable asset to the success of the video. In addition to his working knowledge of the video industry, he was courteous and easy to get along with. Often there are on-site problems that happen, yet are beyond our control. Chris proved to be a valuable addition to our production crew by trying to help us manage these obstacles and avoid problems before they occurred."  G. Brooke Lowsley, Manager of Production Services, Images ShowMakers, Inc.

Alabama State Parks. Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

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The State of Alabama passed a $110,000,000 bond issue to rehabilitate their state park system.  Kent was a member of a design and development team working with the State Park Director and management to analyze the existing park system and recommend changes and improvements.

As part of his participation, Kent identified and presented applications from the Florida State Park system (Voted the best state park system in 2000 and 2005 by the National Recreation and Park Association, making it the only two-time winner of the National Gold Medal for state parks.)

Applications from Florida to the Alabama system included:

  • Identifying how funds and management were apportioned to maximize operations
  • Techniques for raising capital by means of public/private partnerships

Additionally, Kent created:

  • A design program template for the redesign of each Alabama park within the system
  • A vision and design program for Gulf State Park, the largest gulf front park within the Alabama system

Kent received a commendation from the Governor of the State of Alabama for dedication and professionalism as advisor to the Alabama Commerce Commission.

International Villages. South Padre Island, Texas

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Kent participated with planners and REALTORS in envisioning the development of certain Texas coastal sites.

He created a vision and program for design recognizing the cultural diversity of this border area by means of a series of international villages. Each self-sustaining village included design and cultural elements from surrounding areas in the United States and Mexico, allowing citizens of both countries to engage the sea and one another. Individual villages were connected to a major Town Center featuring large-scale retail, civic, commercial and office districts for the benefit of the surrounding villages and acting as a beachside gathering center for residents and visitors within a day’s drive.

“During 2004 and 2005, as a real estate broker and project manager, I represented an Atlanta based real estate development company.  On behalf of the company, I requested Chris Kent to provide for us an in-depth study of large, ocean front parcels in South Texas on Mustang Island and South Padre Island, some two hundred miles apart.  Mr. Kent joined us on a detailed site visit to both areas and provided us a comprehensive analysis of each of the coastal Texas markets.  Included in the report are highest & best development scenarios detailing matters from land use designations, master plan concepts, entitlement strategies all the way through the sales process.  He is always the first person I ask for counsel from when considering any new real estate project…”

“Chris Kent is the guru who concepts the framework of successful traditional neighborhood developments.  He is the bond that keeps planners, architects and developers focused, while he successfully choreographs the intricate details of community structure that make new communities work…”  
Johnny Earles, CEO and Managing Broker, 30A Resorts

Loreto Bay. Baja California Sur, Mexico

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Loreto Bay, a public/private partnership involving the Mexican government, was acknowledged for its pioneering urbanistic and conservation efforts. Pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods, vernacular adobe residences and significant energy management and water protection practices were made a part of the masterplan. The sales process at that time included considerable investment in a series of launches introducing prospective purchasers in Southern California to sales operations in Scottsdale, Arizona and Mexico.

Kent addressed marketing and sales staff and observed and critiqued a launch and presentation process for the development group resulting in approximately $12,000,000 of sales.

“We so loved having you at the Launch. I need you and your expertise to help us with the story and the training. This would be a great time to do that. Your talks at Loreto Bay were brilliant and we should have videoed the whole thing…I believe we could be much better at telling the story of who we are and the how and why of what we do. You made a number of insightful remarks when you were there...”  David Butterfield, Founder

“It was a great pleasure to meet you again…I asked David if he did intend to involve you and he said he did…such would be a smart move without doubt…”  Ed Tait, President Canadian Development and Construction Services, LTD, Loreto Bay

Enclaves on Destin Harbor. Destin, Florida

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The firm was retained to assemble a prominent Destin harborfront site and prepare it for development, including:

  • Completing a land-use analysis
  • Creating a vision and program for planning
  • Working with developers and planners to create a masterplan and architectural vocabulary
  • Consulting early phases of execution of the plan
  • Directing the marketing and sale of finished properties

The masterplan is made up of four towered Pan Caribbean villas, each with an individual pool connecting each main residence to its boathouse and the harbor below. Individual grottos for al fresco family dining will be excavated into the hillside and attached to each harborfront boathouse. Each boathouse structure serves dual roles as a family cooking/dining pavilions and accommodation for guests and waterfront staff. Dockage and slips for two 45’ yachts plus additional watercraft (minutes from the Gulf of Mexico) are included with each individual residence.

The site, with the new plan, documentation and completed docks and slips, was resold within approximately twenty-four months for over twice the original purchase price.

"Chris Kent and I worked closely and successfully to shape Enclaves in a way that made it more than just a real estate development. Destin had never seen such a development and we believe it sets a new standard today. Chris was a key player in helping us maximize our approaches to assemblage, feasibility, planning, architecture and initial development."

"Chris has been a real estate mentor for me…." Joe Winkeler, Ozean, LLC, Development

Neighborhood of Caribe. Destin, Florida

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Kent joined a design and development team to create the Neighborhood of Caribe, a collection of homes, amenities and civic space in the tradition of the French Caribbean, all overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

As a part of the envisioning and planning process, the team:

  • Consulted with Martine Gaume’, a French architect and co-author of the book Caribbean Style
  • Visited the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe as Ms. Gaume's guests to analyze vernacular planning, architecture and community traditions of that region
  • Transplanted the spirit of that region to a Northwest Florida neighborhood

Kent directly managed the first phase of marketing and sales. The project competed successfully with nearby developments containing significantly more amenities and land mass.


"My career was shaped by my good fortune of being selected by Chris Kent to help market a Caribbean-style neighborhood in Destin, Florida. He was instrumental in shaping my appreciation of architecture and carefully planned neighborhoods and towns.

Chris is blessed with a natural inclination to thoroughly research and develop an idea into an aesthetically pleasing living environment, with even the smallest details carefully planned and executed. He then assembles a team to market the property and his careful attention to detail carries through this process, as well. The result is a community that stands apart from the others. You may not be able to put your finger on why, but there is no question that it does.

Over the years, I have grown to respect Chris and his abilities and style very much and believe that someone interested in creating a neighborhood, community or town that stands above the others should definitely include Chris Kent in the design and marketing process." Willee Skibbe, Florida REALTOR and former site sales associate for The Neighborhood of Caribe

“I recently read about your Caribe development in Destin in Architectural Record. Seaside appears to be a wonderful success and I’m sure that Caribe will also be…"
Lloyd Vogt, Architect and Author of LOUISIANA: River Region Vernacular, New Orleans Houses and Historic Buildings of the French Quarter.

Downtown Riverfront Masterplan. Montgomery, Alabama

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A substantial parcel of downtown riverfront in Alabama’s capital was vacant and Montgomery city leaders were pursuing development of a minor league baseball stadium for the site.

Kent participated with a planning team to create a masterplan for the riverfront weaving multiple developments (the baseball stadium, civic structures, gathering areas, retail, and residential neighborhoods) into a collection of pedestrian-oriented walkable communities.

Kent's contributions included creating written programmatic recommendations for refining and expanding the plan to address the roles of planning elements as platforms for day-to-day social and cultural interaction.

“I am keenly interested in a plan that will add vitality to Alabama’s capital city for generations and act as a catalyst to further continued private development in the downtown area. To this end, the state has an interest in directing certain funds toward this project, depending upon its overall scope and plan. I would like to recommend:

  • That the riverfront planning incorporate this stadium within the context of a larger, comprehensive, development master plan; and
  • That this master plan incorporate a mixed-use, diverse collection of shops, entertainment, hotels, offices, restaurants and residential uses.

Further, I would hope that Christopher Kent be included as a part of the planning and development team to provide outside, specific and needed expertise for this project. I am impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm and believe he can be of great value in this process.”  Don Siegelman, Governor, State of Alabama

CAKPA received a commendation from the Governor of the State of Alabama for dedication and professionalism as advisor to the Alabama Commerce Commission.


Mixson. Charleston, South Carolina

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Mixson is a new infill community near the historic Park Circle district of Charleston. The neighborhood was a winner of a Congress of New Urbanism Charter Award, American Institute of Architects (AIA) Charleston Award for Service to the Community and Design Profession, and was the second-largest LEED for Homes project in the country in 2008.

Kent consulted marketing, sales training and integrating programming into marketing and sales efforts.


“Your spirit has always been inspiring to me and your wise counsel was appreciated by all…”  Vince Graham, Founder

“These documents are terrific. Your resume is impressive but still understates your artistry…”  Alys Campaigne, Vice President of Strategic Planning, I’On Group

“…Good Work = Good Returns…”  Drew Grossklaus, Marketing and Public Relations Director (Describing Kent’s contributions)

HomeTown. Aurora, Illinois

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The founder of HomeTown heard Kent address a seminar audience about how the sales process in Seaside acted as a catalyst for a community worldview adding value to the real estate. He retained the firm to contribute to marketing and sales of a new affordable community outside of Chicago.

Work culminated in a Chicago marketing charrette where Kent contributed to:

  • Product types, marketing strategies, and buyer profiles for comparable mixed use developments
  • Establishing a marketing and sales campaign for starter home purchasers
  • Connecting soft infrastructure to marketing and development profitability
  • Interviews with local media
  • Written manuals addressing specific marketing and development information

“I thought you might like to have a copy of an article that appeared Saturday in the Daily Herald. Debbie was the newspaper reporter who was there Monday morning…Your quote on kids was terrific...It was great having you here…"  Perry Bigelow, Founder

The Olympia. Destin, Florida

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The firm consulted the assemblage, envisioning, planning, permitting, development and marketing of this five-residence penthouse condominium development overlooking the Destin Harbor.

Located on a site where previous development entitlements had failed, the finished project offers tropical architecture with appointments and details reminiscent of a fine yacht, including:

  • Teak-clad boat slips
  • Paneled mahogany walls, cabinetry and beamed ceilings
  • Waterfront breakfast settees
  • Interior teak floors
  • Tumbled, slab and tile carrara marble finishes
  • Viking catering-ready chef kitchens
  • Mahogany-clad private poolside cabanas
  • Copper roof
  • Vantage lighting and home-control systems
  • Structured parking

"Kent’s guidance and assistance helped us create one of the finest – if not THE finest – condominium project in Northwest Florida." Joe Winkeler, Development

"In and around 1998, another developer
(not associated with CAKPA) proposed a condominium…for the property. Mr. Jordan owned the house to the immediate West of the proposed project. In our view, (the previously submitted condominium plans) were not compatible with the neighborhood and we gathered with other surrounding property owners to oppose the project. During that process, we were so concerned with the (previous project) that I assisted Mr. Jordan in purchasing the property to stop that particular development. It was our intent upon purchasing the lot to either (1) develop the property in a manner that was compatible with Mr. Jordan’s home next door (It is the largest single family home on Holiday Isle) and the neighborhood or (2) to create deed restrictions and resell the property to a developer who would develop the property according to our wishes…I have reviewed the preliminary plans and renderings for The Olympia and commend these developers in creating architecture and a building scale that is compatible with both Mr. Jordan’s home and the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, in my view, the quality of the architecture, the proposed amenities and final proposed purchaser prices for these condominium units will enhance the values of the neighborhood.”  Jack Simpson, Holiday Isle Properties, Representative of Mr. Jordan (Letter to planning authorities).

“I have reviewed the preliminary plans and renderings for The Olympia and commend the developers for creating a project that is attractive and compatible with my property and the surrounding neighborhood.”  Lewis Jordan (Previous property owner, owner of next door property and leader of the opposition to previous development of the site (Letter to planning authorities)

Gorham’s Bluff. Pisgah, Alabama

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Working with the family-owners and an architect/planner, Kent assisted in the early stages of envisioning, planning, development, and marketing of this new village overlooking the Tennessee River.

Early marketing and sales operations included placing sales personnel within an on-site bed and breakfast inn, providing a direct connection between real estate sales and a mountain resort customer base.

"When we were beginning our project, we had what seemed an infinite string of questions that ran the gamut from detail-oriented practical matters to larger, more philosophical ones. Chris was able to speak to all of them with an impressive breadth of knowledge and a deep, abiding passion for what we were trying to do."

"Chris understands that worldview creates the soul of a place, and he was integral in helping us identify the essential values that define our town to this day. That deep appreciation for the power of ideas coupled with his wealth of practical knowledge makes working with him a uniquely rewarding experience."

"From Chris, we learned so much that is still integral to our day-to-day practices. I can honestly say he's the best teacher I've ever had."
Dawn McGriff, Founder

Newpoint. Beaufort, South Carolina

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Founders of this new Low Country neighborhood consulted Kent regarding planning, marketing and sales. Firm work included his recommending revisions to the plan to add a neighborhood center to the existing residential fabric.

One of the Newpoint founders ultimately became founder of I’On, a new village in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

“It was a pleasure meeting with you at Seaside the other week. You shed great light on areas that we have been thinking about but have not proceeded with. I think your idea of selling the people in the neighborhood is key to the overall perception of a sense of place. Your insight into what makes the commercial area work lended ease on the viability of what we are trying to achieve. In talking with some property owners upon our return, I feel this commercial area would evolve into a great place and would add unlimited value not only to Newpoint but to the overall area…”  Bob Turner, Co-Founder

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the seminar last week. It was certainly valuable and everyone got a lot out of it. You have helped us focus in on what remains to be done at Newpoint and this will go a long way toward making our neighborhood whole, as well as for planning new projects…thanks again for an enlightening two days…"  Vince Graham, Co-Founder

Village at Blount Springs. Blount County, Alabama

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Original developers for this new town in the foothilss of the Appalachians retained Kent to address early marketing and sales.

“I thought I would drop the two of you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your introduction of Chris Kent to the Blount Springs project. While we are still at an early stage in our relationship and there is, no doubt, a long way for us yet to go on the project, I am optimistic that Chris’ efforts on our behalf will prove very successful. Already, our staff is far better trained, our morale is greatly improved and we seem to be seeing results on the site in terms of lot contracts, lot sales and new prospects. Thank you for the recommendation and introduction.”  Jim Tullis, Founder (In a note to the Blount Springs planners)

…While the project has definitely had its moments of frustration, the rewards are definitely felt in knowing and working with the quality of people such as yourself…”  Linda Tullis, Co-Founder

“…How refreshing to speak with a ‘broker’ type who is part of the whole idea – I’m sure many of the ‘concept’ types have learned a lot from you about the buyer and have seen success in their collaborations with you…”  Terri O’Hare, Graphic Designer

Sky Carolina. North Wilkesboro, North Carolina

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

A Northwest Florida marketing agency recommended that their client add Kent to the marketing and development team for a new mountain tennis community in North Carolina.

Initial marketing efforts were primarily dependent upon a series of launches integrating sales presentations and tennis master classes/exhibitions featuring former tennis tour professionals Tim Wilkison and Don Johnson. (Tim Wilkison won 6 singles titles and 9 doubles championship and was known as “Dr. Dirt” for his diving volleys at Wimbledon. Don Johnson reached the World No. 1 doubles ranking in 2002).

“…your lessons are everywhere at Sky, and I continue to think about every small detail!” 

“All information noted, appreciated, and considered well worth the value…” 

“…he (a Water Quality Inspector with 30 year’s experience inspecting the site) said in all of his experience (he has never been to Seaside) he had never seen such a community and thought that the bar had now been set so high that no one would  be able to compete with Sky…I owe this compliment directly to you…"  Bo Quickel, Founder, Sky Carolina

“Your presentation of the process was delivered eloquently and intellectually and kept my interest for the entire 3 days…”  Mary Lentz, Sky Carolina Events

Cashiers Village. Cashiers, North Carolina

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The firm consulted envisioning and planning for a new downtown mixed-use development in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

As part of the work, Kent gave a presentation regarding applicable lessons from Seaside to major landholders and stakeholders within the downtown Cashiers area.


"Brilliant!  Captures the soul and spirit of what I’ve envisioned for this place.  Thank you…"  Vince Graham, Co-Founder of Cashiers Village (Responding to Kent’s written piece:  A Day in the Life of a Cashiers Village Resident)

"Good job. I think you're a born ad man"  Stephen Zoukis, Co-Founder of Cashiers Village (Responding to Kent's written piece: A Day in the Life of a Cashiers Village Resident)

“I wanted to pass on that Bob Bryan (Historical Society and Rotarian that attended) stopped by today and went on about how great your presentation was. The subtlety of the observations as well as humor used and all else made a great story, he said. I will reproach myself to you for not listening more closely during the meeting. Having just read the paper just now, I am embarrassed at how much I missed. I may excuse myself for, at the time, trying to run the show, and maybe I am a better reader than listener with material like this. It is nothing short of inspiring. Oddly, I would say none of the concepts are terribly complicated and maybe, in fact, obvious to some degree. The irony, of course, is how few development operations come even close to adhering to any of these ‘obvious’ things…”  James Sibley, Founder’s Representative, Cashiers Village LLC (Raven Cliff)

Redfish Village. Blue Mountain Beach, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Equity partners for this mixed use town center and residential development in Northwest Florida retained the firm to address new approaches for marketing and sales.

The new comprehensive marketing plan included creating an event series known as Beach Villages Around the World - weekly gatherings within Redfish Village celebrating the culture of international beach villages.

Individual events attracting up to 450 attendees featured representative food and beverage, music, dance and children's activities from:

  • Larache, Morocco
  • Capri, Italy
  • Saint-Jean de Luz, France
  • Dingle, Ireland
  • Goza, Japan
  • Loreto, Mexico
  • Broadstairs, England
  • Nerja, Spain
  • Bansin, Germany
  • Mahabalipuram, India
  • Stoupa, Greece

The series concluded with The International Food, Beer & Wine Festival, gathering all the elements of the aforementioned villages together in one culminating event.


“Chris is a real estate ‘counselor’ in every sense of the word.  Having worked with Chris not only on sales and marketing, but also on events, public relations, capital improvements, planning, programming, feasibility studies, and market/competitor development analysis, there is no aspect of real estate I would not seek, and trust, Chris’ counseling on. (He) challenged our sales staff to think of Redfish Village as something beyond just a beach community.  With Chris’ training, our staff learned that through architecture, village planning, and community, Redfish could appeal to a broader base of prospects than they had ever previously imagined.  And they became better sales people because of it.” “Chris helped transform Redfish Village from a sleepy project in Northwest Florida to one that became the focus of dozens of publications around the country. Through (Kent’s)  training on planning and programming – the necessary tools to select not only the right type of merchant but the right operator as well – our sales staff learned how the right downtown can truly create the ‘magic’ that defines a mixed-use community.”  Nick Vlahos, Vice President and General Manager, Redfish Village Investors. LLC

The Moorings at Bayside Village. Orange Beach, Alabama

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Prior to Kent’s involvement, the developers of this site attempted unsuccessfully to presell a condominium development. The existing on-site sales team then requested that Kent become part of the development and marketing team.

Kent recommended the failed project be replaced by a new harborfront mixed-use village incorporating a new village retail center anchoring the existing established marina, a popular local on-site restaurant and a new condominium development plan to be placed directly on the harborfront. With the new planning and design changes and a retooled marketing program, the condominiums presold successfully.

Chris Kent was referred to us by David Head, Jr. of The Head companies of Point Clear, Alabama. His first assignment was to put to rest a project that was a failure prior to his involvement.The new project located on the Back Water of Terry Cove, consisted of a condominium building that was to be built next to an existing marina, dry boat storage facility and restaurant.

Chris’s primary goals and objectives were:

  1. Oversee the planning team, integrating a village center into the plan to connect the residential condominiums with the marina use.
  2. Completely replace existing failed condominium plan with a new condominium directly on the waterfront that was saleable.
  3. Create a vision and vision statement for the development, as a bayside village with a condominium named The Moorings, placed within the waterfront village.
  4. Create a marketing plan, directly conceive and place all advertising, media materials, graphics (with outside vendors), website, brochures, etc.
  5. Work regularly with sales staff and refine the marketing plan as needed.
  6. Work regularly with developers to execute the plan.

The project sold remarkably well, given its Back Bay location. The project sold out in less than one year...far faster than any other Back Bay project. We sincerely feel that this project would not have been a success without the involvement of Chris Kent.”  Gordon Ripps and Dennis Meherin, Project Sales Associates (for the previous project and throughout planning, development and sellout of the new project).

Tradition. Biloxi, Mississippi

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Tradition, upon its ultimate completion, will be the largest planned community in Mississippi with over 35,000 residents. The 4,800-acre development is anchored by a new village under construction at this time.

The firm was retained to consult early planning, neighborhood phasing, marketing and sales.

“How could we have made it through the last two years without you! Your advice, insights, critiques, and training have been invaluable as we introduce the Village at Tradition to the public. One of your many strengths is the ability to immerse yourself in the nuances of a particular project and apply your tried and true techniques with sensitivity, humor, and a relaxed nature that made everyone feel at ease. You carefully studied our strengths and weaknesses and crafted our sale presentation, marketing messages, and organizational structure for maximum success.”  Brynn W. Joachim, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Tradition

“To expand on your article, I now have a much greater understanding of you and quite possibly why I admire you so. You are successful because it comes from within and it works. It’s real and passionate! Eclectic and all over the place but centered, and it works…”  Patricia W. Hughes, former Director of Sales, Tradition Properties

Sweetwater. Hailey, Idaho

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Sweetwater is a new affordable mixed-use community outside of Ketchum and Sun Valley.

Designations and awards include:

  • Certified LEED neighborhood
  • Gold Nugget Award of Merit
  • Idaho Smart Growth Award

Equity partners requested that Kent consult a significant turnaround of marketing, sales strategies, on-site management and personnel to repositioning the village for the local market.

“Christopher Kent brought a new vision to an old worn out business of real estate.  Instead of selling square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms we began to look at the wonder of our region and began selling a lifestyle.  We found ourselves looking for the reasons we live in this valley.  It was like renewing our wedding vows.  I got all puffed up and looked at my surroundings with such pride.  Christopher brings with him a joy and wide angle view of people and places.  He is and always will be my mentor.” Karen Province, Realtor, Sales Associate, Sweetwater

“Karen and I really appreciate what you do for us. You are wonderful!”  Susan Radford, Sales Associate, Sweetwater

Village of Tannin. Orange Beach, Alabama

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The firm consulted marketing and sales for this new beach town on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

“I wanted to let you know of how appreciative The Village of Tannin is of your involvement. We at Tannin consider you perhaps the most essential member of the Duany Plater-Zyberk ‘team’. Communities designed by Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater Zyberk are substantive with very strong and specific concepts as their basis. However, design alone will not guarantee success. Tannin’s success depends on effectively communicating these concepts to potential buyers. You and our sales group are the ones that convey this message. If our visitors were exposed to yet another slick, cookie cutter, hollow presentation, they would assume Tannin was just another subdivision. The marketing of a Duany Plater-Zyberk community needs to be as thoughtful and sophisticated as the design. To this end your direction has been superb. Even though our ‘drive through’s’ and ‘walk in’s’ are constant, it is more significant to note that more than 90% of our ‘walk in’s’ are qualified buyers. Your marketing has targeted exactly the groups that would be interested in Tannin and the on site presentation reflects Tannin. Our sales team has received innumerable comments from prospects on our ‘non real estate’ approach. Comments such as ‘a relief from real estate hype’, ‘I knew I was someplace special’, ‘they really believe in Tannin’, ‘I felt comfortable’…thanks again…”  George Gounares, Founder

Carlton Landing, Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Carlton Landing is a new lakefront holiday town under construction outside of Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Kent provided recommendations for directing residential architecture and created sales outline scripts for presentation of the community.

“We’ve had many “consultants” send us cookie-cutter type reports that might or might not have a bearing on our projects. It’s nice to know we’re always going to get useful and relevant information from our friend Chris Kent…we all read his recommendation letter this AM and are in the process of implementing the points he made. Tell him THANKS for his help.”  Grant Humphreys, CEO of Humphreys Company and Founder, Carlton Landing (To Dave Ortloff, Sales and Marketing)

“… Your sense of adventure, hospitality, and generosity capture the spirit of Carlton Landing.  That’s why our team naturally connected with you when you came to OKC- you get it- I hope we get it as well!"  Lance Humphreys, Operations and Programming, The Humphreys Company

“Grant, Kirk and I really enjoy working with you and I feel that you are one of our best assets at this point on the Carlton Landing project…”  Dave Ortloff, Sales and Marketing, The Humphreys Company

Presidio, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent was retained by a key stakeholder to consult the feasibility, sellout and sales strategies for the remaining residences in this downtown condominium property in Northwest Florida.

“With Presidio we were challenged by the client to determine the feasibility of purchasing the remaining unsold condos in a completed condo project. Through an in-depth study of the market – both past and present, as well as Chris’ foresight into where the market was heading – combined with an overall analysis of the building, condo docs, and surrounding area, we were able to give our client the necessary tools to make his decision.”  Nick Vlahos, Co-consultant and Client Representative

Hammond’s Ferry, North Augusta, South Carolina

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Hammond’s Ferry is a new village located in North Augusta on the Savannah River.

Kent consulted early marketing and made a presentation to early stakeholders and public officials regarding The Town of Seaside and applications to Hammond’s Ferry.

“…not too many folks around these parts with your visionary way of looking at planning/development/marketing…”  Richard Fletcher, Town Architect

“Your kindness and friendship to us is forever warming and nurturing…”  Carey Burnett, Sales Associate

Gaillardia, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The owners of this highly successful and prominent club community are expanding the club into a true community center.

In pursuit of this objective, Kent's consulting includes:

  • Expansion of potential mixed-use and commercial development on contiguous sites
  • Revitalization and redefinition of club activities
  • Club management and staffing strategies
  • Retooling food, beverage and club service operations
  • Expanding club concierge services for Gaillardia residents and club members
  • Design, development and marketing of Promenade, a new pedestrian-oriented neighborhood to be integrated within Gaillardia
  • A program for the design of a new Information Office for real estate sales
  • Assisting in creating and market-testing graphic presentations that describe Promenade and its relationship with existing Gaillardia community amenities and community fabric
  • Significant strategies, programming and events inextricably linking club operations and real estate sales

"Your intellect, your insight, your creativity and your emphasis on results are very, very rare…"  Phil Herrington, Founder

Amelia Park. Amelia Island, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The original vision for this new village connected individual households to a major medical clinic (Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida) through multiple technologies.

Kent consulted early envisioning and marketing.

“After some time for reflection on your discussions and your powerful presentation to the Amelia Park staff, I realize that the primary result of your visit has been a raising of our consciousness. I especially appreciate your delivery of the message that the community of Amelia Park begins with those of us who are creating it. Thank you for your insight…”  Joel Embry, Founder

Woodsong. Shallotte, North Carolina

View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger View Larger

Kent provided input regarding how soft infrastructure can impact early planning for a new development.

“Thanks for your time and insight…It was a very productive visit for me. The need to have a community imbued with a ‘world view’ is much clearer now. I also see more accurately both the great potential of and ultimate limitation on design as a guide for human behavior…”  Buddy Milliken, Jr., Founder

Frijoles Village/Oshara. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The founder of this new village in New Mexico consulted with Kent during early envisioning and planning.

“Your observations helped me to think in different ways. I believe this advice made it possible for me to do my part in the acquisition of our Master Plan approval...” Alan Hoffman, Original Founder

West Flanders. Belgium

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent consulted representatives for a branch of the Belgian government (Intermunicipal Associations for Housing Policy, Economic Expansion and Physical Planning) addressing affordable housing programs for the province.

Consulting included strategies for creating public/private partnerships between private developers and government agencies.

Jasmine Dune. Seagrove Beach, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The developer of Jasmine Dune was searching for a vacation home on the Northwest Florida beaches. Finding nothing of interest, he approached Kent to assist in assembling a site and creating a beach enclave where he would reside part-time.

Kent identified a site, brokered acquisition and consulted the envisioning, development, marketing and sales of the enclave


“Because of Chris’ assistance, we were able to recapture our costs of the purchase of the initial property and cost of infrastructure after the first few sales of vacant lots…”  Les Siegelman, Developer, Jasmine Dune

Proposed Hilton Resort and Yacht Club. Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

A development group was searching high-profile sites in Northwest Florida for a holiday resort ultimately offering a major flag hotel and significant yacht club facilities.

Kent participated in assembling the site (entailing the purchase of three motel-marinas) and assisted with envisioning and early planning work.

The masterplan includes a 450 room Hilton hotel, 11,600 square foot yacht club, and 140 boat slips overlooking the Choctawhatchee Bay, the Intracoastal Waterway and Gulf of Mexico.

"We had been looking for a large development site in Northwest Florida. Chris Kent helped us assemble a significant site (requiring our purchase of three separate hotel properties) that we believe is one of the unique and premiere hotel sites in all of Northwest Florida. Kent was a valued member of the planning team and a trusted advisor to me throughout our work on the project."

"Chris moves beyond the typical real estate consultant…."  Joe Winkeler, Ozean LLC, Development

Ruskin Heights. Fayetteville, Arkansas

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

An equity partner requested that Kent critique and consult early presentation work for this new infill community.

Harbortown. Memphis, Tennessee

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent provided sales training for this new village on the riverfront in downtown Memphis, Tennessee.

Broadclyst. Exeter, United Kingdom

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent consulted the envisioning, development and marketing of additional mixed-use development to be added to the existing fabric of an English country village.

Ft. Meade. Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

A planning and architectural firm asked Kent to assist the envisioning and creation of a masterplan for annexation of approximately twelve hundred acres into an existing central Florida small town.

The new vision and plan provided for significant growth while respecting the existing context and social fabric of the original town.


Terra Bella. Covington, Louisiana

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The master planner and architect for this new village on Louisiana’s Northshore recommended Kent to consult marketing and sales for the development team.

“…You were a wealth of knowledge as always…”  Renee Cresap, Marketing and Sales

The Shores. South Padre Island, Texas

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The family owning this site had significant history in South Texas coastal real estate. Their planning and architectural group requested that Kent assist in planning, development and phasing of a new village connecting an inland waterway and the Gulf of Mexico.

Consulting work included shaping civic, retail and residential development on the inland waterfront and architectural critique of early beachfront residential tower condominiums to best attract a multinational customer base in both Mexico and the southeast United States.

North Light Yacht Club. Niceville, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The ownership and development group worked with Kent to assemble, envision and plan a yacht club offering 280 condominium boat slips.

"Chris Kent was instrumental in finding our marina site and helping us program and plan what is now considered a major marina condominium operation."

"Kent has been and remains a trusted advisor…."  Joe Winkeler, Ozean, LLC, Development

Indigo. Perdido Key, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent was a member of the charrette team for envisioning and design of this beachfront condominium development.

Emerald Bay. Destin, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Developers for this new golf course community in Northwest Florida worked with Kent addressing early marketing and creation of an early-ownership founders program. 

Gulf State Park. Orange Beach, Alabama

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent was a member of a design team for the redefinition and redesign of Gulf State Park, the largest state park on the Alabama Gulf Coast. 

In addition to actively participating on the team, Kent contributed a written vision and design program for a masterplan offering:

  • Programming and facilities to help the park become a gathering center for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach
  • Pedestrian orientation and reducing dependence upon the automobile
  • Significant conservation areas
  • A diverse and authentic collection of accommodations
  • Ecotourism destinations
  • Educational facilities
  • Programs and facilities to encourage economic development
  • Economic viability


Kent received a commendation from the Governor of the State of Alabama for dedication and professionalism as advisor to the Alabama Commerce Commission.

Prospect New Town. Longmont, Colorado

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent consulted early marketing, providing a written manual for the formation of a real estate company and information office for this new town in Colorado.

Cassine Village, Seagrove Beach, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The developer of an existing second tier condominium project in Northwest Florida worked with Kent to incorporate single family residential development and jurisdictional wetlands into their existing masterplan.

Village of White Cliffs. Blue Mountain Beach, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The developer and architect/planner for this neighborhood consulted with Kent regarding planning, amenity mix and early marketing.

Kiva Dunes, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The developer and their design team worked with Kent addressing changes to the masterplan to encourage gathering and resident/guest interaction.

Hasiko. Ewa Beach. Oahu, Hawaii

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent consulted sales operations providing a written manual addressing the structure, venue and operations of the real estate sales organization.

Seascape Resort.  Destin, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent consulted early presales and sales programs for the addition of new neighborhoods to an established second and third-tier resort property in Northwest Florida.

Sugar Mill Pond. Youngsville, Louisiana

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

This new village in southern Louisiana is an early prototype for quality affordable home communities in Louisiana.

The firm consulted sales presentation (Sales associate training and oversight of visual and digital presentation tools) and marketing (Design of the information office and village center residences as anchors for a new town center).

Wild Heron. Panama City Beach, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

The firm worked on early envisioning and feasibility for a new resort property incorporating multiple uses and a Greg Norman signature golf course.

Town Center Development Parcel. Orange Beach, Alabama

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

To assist in the sale of an undeveloped site, Kent created a program for the design of a town center at the intersection of a new expressway and established residential area near the Back Bay of Orange Beach.


"We had a well located piece of property but needed to create a story for the site that would bring it alive and help us sell it to end users. Chris Kent created an ambitious, involved and detailed planning program that helped us position the site as a gathering center for Orange Beach. There is no doubt in my mind that Kent’s program helped us in the ultimate valuation and sale of the property." Joe Winkeler, Owners Representative



Examples of Pro Bono Work

Redevelopment within Central City. New Orleans, Louisiana

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent consulted with preservationists, property owners, community leaders and planners to define a grocery market and its positioning within the historic urban fabric of Central City.

As an attorney and consultant, I have practiced land use law in the State of Louisiana since 1965. In that capacity, I have represented individuals and corporations in varying capacities, with an emphasis on impacting the land use planning process at all levels of government. On behalf of clients I have successfully opposed an Interstate highway through the Vieux Carre, an elevated six-lane bridge through Uptown New Orleans, sponsored the creation of Canal Street as an historic district, represented land owners in numerous expropriation lawsuits, and challenged large scale super stores surrounded by surface parking planned for National Register Districts. I taught preservation law and land use planning at the University of New Orleans’s College of Urban and Public Planning for approximately 10 years and have lectured on land use issues at varying professional conferences around the country…I came to know Mr. Kent’s expertise firsthand while representing citizens opposed to an out of scale Albertson’s Supermarket proposed for a historic district adjacent to St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. Mr. Kent’s extensive knowledge of traditional land use issues was readily apparent and his public testimony as well as his sage advice assisted my clients in getting the store moved as well as redesigned.”  William E. Borah, Attorney and Counselor at Law, New Orleans, Louisiana.

“…Chris Kent – one of the most interesting people I have ever met…”  Virginia McAlester, Co-Author of A Field Guide to American Houses.

Metropolis 2020. Chicago, Illinois

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Chicago Metropolis 2020 is an organization of leading civic and business leaders addressing optimal regional planning, infrastructure and other investments to carry Daniel Burnham’s 1909 Plan of Chicago forward into the 21st century.

Kent created recommendations for the president/chief executive officer and select staff concerning:

  • Review and critique of organization marketing materials
  • Refining the vision and mission
  • Defining and strengthening the region
  • Creating new supporting marketing materials
  • Demographic and psychographic research
  • Public relations and community outreach techniques and tools

Commerce Commission. State of Alabama

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent worked with the Commerce Commission to address growth management: 

  • Report and recommendations for the Land Planning Committee of the Commerce Commission to manage future growth

  • Lecture and presention to the Commerce Commission (Programming and Masterplanning to Mitigate Urban Sprawl)

  • Lecture and presentation at a Governor’s Conference on Smart Growth and Brownfields Redevelopment Conference (The Practical Side of Smart Growth - a Developers Primer)

Kent received a commendation from the Governor of the State of Alabama for dedication and professionalism as advisor to the Alabama Commerce Commission.

Conceptual Studies. Margaritaville

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

At the request of a potential planning group, Kent created a preliminary conceptual vision and design program for Margaritaville as a new village, for presentation to the Jimmy Buffet organization.

Civano. City of Tucson, Arizona

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent provided input for the project director of a public/private development effort to create an affordable and sustainable community in the City of Tucson.

Mississippi Blues Trail. State of Mississippi

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Early in the process of planning the trail, Kent was consulted regarding general structure and execution:

  • Meeting with representatives of the B.B. King museum to determine how the museum could participate with other trail venues
  • Creating a series of recommendations to enhance the trail experience by means of thoughtful physical development, performance programming, educational outreach and economic viability

“We certainly enjoyed having you with us and, once again, so very much appreciate your willingness to take the time to visit and to provide some assistance for our project…”  Fred Carl, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Viking Range Corporation and past Mississippi Blues Chairman

The Town of Celebration. Orlando, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent provided information to Disney management for the development of a new town.

Information included:

  • Performance of The Town of Seaside in regional and national markets
  • Administration of architectural review and control
  • Management and oversight of merchant builders
  • Familiarizing Michael Eisner, Disney Chairman; Robert A.M. Stern, Architect; Peter Rummel, Disney Development; and Celebration Company personnel with our experiences in Seaside


“…Thank you for the quick response and insights you provided…" Joseph Barnes, Community Development, The Celebration Company

Berlin-Brandenburg Region. Berlin, Germany

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Kent consulted with a developer client (a former Member of Parliament) regarding the development, marketing, social interaction and security relating to refitting new residential and live/work communities within the Berlin-Brandenburg region of reunited Germany.

Elements of this redevelopment included creating arts colonies and other live/work districts to encourage settlement and development of urban areas.

Town of Placilla. Republic of Chile

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Placilla was envisioned to become a new affordable community in the periphery of the port of Valparaiso offering opportunities for science, employment, transportation, business, shopping, leisure and housing while acting as a portal to Valparaiso Metropolitan Areas.

Kent provided written information addressing envisioning and marketing strategies.

"I was very glad to receive your paper…I enjoyed reading the “Heroic Plaza”…It holds many ideas…especially in what we define as the most humane and significant values of cities as public spaces of interaction, knowledge and growth." Gustavo Munizaga, Municipal Development Department, Santiago, Chile

1st Congress of New Urbanism. Alexandria, Virginia

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Kent presented a paper (The Market Performance of the Town of Seaside) to the 1st Congress of New Urbanism in Alexandria, Virginia in 1993.

…Your presentation on the financial performance of Seaside was such a silver bullet. It must be so gratifying to deliver such compelling data, knowing the depth of your contribution to that success…” Chip Kaufman, Architect/Planner

Alabama Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge   Enlarge   Enlarge

Lecture and presentation comparing and contrasting The Town of Seaside with the new village of Gorham’s Bluff in Northeastern Alabama.

“…We have had a tremendous response to the presentation that you gave. The subject matter was most intriguing and you presented it in a most professional manner…Please accept our deepest thanks for a job well done…”  Keith Starnes, AIA Birmingham Programs Chairman

Department of Community Affairs. State of Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Contributed to the production of a video (Breaking the Cycle: How Hazard Mitigation Can End the Costly Repetition of Devastation and Rebuilding) presented to The Governor’s Hurricane Conference and Regional Post Disaster Redevelopment Workshops.

“Thank you for contributing your expertise in the projection of the video…It has been presented by several DCA representatives at Regional Post Disaster Redevelopment workshops, The Governor’s Hurricane conference and to several other state and federal agencies. The video has been very well received at the meetings as indicated by the numerous requests for copies…”  Douglas Bucks, Division Director, State of Florida Department of Community Affairs

Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce. Apalachicola, Florida

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Lecture and presentation addressing envisioning, planning and preservation for this historic North Florida town.

“Just wanted to thank you for speaking at our last Chamber meeting…It was a great program and presentation…Thank you also for your honest and frank comments on how we can improve Apalachicola. I am happy to announce that bids are now being accepted for a gazebo and other improvements to Lafayette Park. It’s a great start to establishing our common ground…”  Mason Bean, Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce

Ft. Walton Beach Bridge Authority. Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

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Presentation to a transportation committee addressing revitalizing their existing downtown.

“Your words, your tone of voice, the content of your message – will all bear fruit with this area as we move into the next stage of action. It took a while for folks present at the “Transportation Meeting” to get in step with your observations and recommendations – but I was relieved to witness that they caught on – now they understand …that it is all one big whole and one part without the other doesn’t get the job done…”  Laura Wright, Transportation Committee Member

I can’t tell you when I’ve enjoyed listening to someone speak that is so well informed. I really appreciate you coming before our committee. We should all be able to put things in the proper perspective…”  Peggy Wise, Transportation Committee Member

Falmouth Forum. State of Alabama

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Presentation and lecture (Presentation of the Community; a Psychological Dialogue) to a Falmouth Forum sponsored by the State of Alabama.

Addressed shaping the marketing and sales process to address underlying psychographics and demographics ultimately expected within a community.

Louisiana State Unversity School of Architecture. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Presentation and lecture to students and faculty members linking psychology, ethnology and other social disciplines to the planning and presentation of new communities.

Powder Beach. Great Exuma Island, Bahamas

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Consulted with designers and developers regarding integrating events and programming into development and marketing of a new Bahamian development.

Historic Post Office. Pt. Washington, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Assisted an architectural firm and local volunteers pursuing protection of a historic local post office in Northwest Florida.

Sustainable Beach Summit. Seaside, Florida

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Lecture and tour addressing the design and development of the Town of Seaside for visiting environmental studies groups.

Contributions to International Study

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Presented information, input and findings for institutions representing multiple countries, including Germany (Private and Public Sectors), Norway (Government), England (Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture, Urban Villages Forum and the British Broadcasting Corporation), Chile (Government), Australia (Government), Canada (Government and private) and Japan (Government and private)

“…Already your Seaside information you faxed to me is being circulated far and wide…”

“…The plan and coding combined with management by you and Robert Davis are yielding such a rich diversity within the order…We hope you may be able to make time for the occasional Australian developer we may send your way; the flesh and blood of Seaside itself is so much more compelling even than the excellent publicity in encouraging others to follow in your path…”  Wendy Morris and Chip Kaufman, Victoria, Australia

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind patience and co-operation during my research of New Urbanism Communities. The information that you provided me was very helpful in preparing our study."  Electra Vrachas,. B. Arch. Gabor + Popper Architects Inc., Toronto, Ontario.

University Student Assistance

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Worked with students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Harvard University, Princeton University, Cornell University, Yale University and other state and private universities providing input, materials, statistical information and interviews addressing community envisioning, development, marketing, sales and media relations.


"Thank you for lecturing at Seaside to our Tour group last week. I understand your talk was extremely well received. In fact, that is why I am writing to you today. Several tour participants, along with Tom Low, are interested in obtaining a copy of your lecture..."  Elissa Poor, Events Coordinator, Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company

Symposia and Seminars

Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge

Faculty member for lectures, symposia and seminars, presenting techniques in execution of development, marketing and sales.

"We wanted to thank you for participating in the Seaside Institute's Technique of Traditional Town Planning workshop. From all accounts so far, it was a great success – aside from the slide projector melt down and the cost of cappuccino. There are plans to make it an annual event. Regarding this please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments for next year." Andres Duany and Thomas E. Low

"Thank you so much for your time, efforts and energy participating as a faculty member of the Institute's Technique of Traditional Town Planning Workshop. As you know, it was a huge success. The comments from evaluations have been very enthusiastic and favorable. The response we received was overwhelming and many are anxious for us to do another similar conference again soon. We hope we can count on your help.This type of educational program is exactly what we feel the Institute should currently be executing to fulfill our mission and to help individuals live better lives in better communities. We hope in the future to secure funding to offer additional scholarships particularly to policy makers and government officials. Again, many, many thanks and sincere hope this fruitful venture in some small way was as beneficial to you as it surely was and continues to be to the attendees." Richard Norris, Executive Director and Robert Davis, Board of Governors, Seaside Institute

"On behalf of The Seaside Institute, Phyllis and I would like to thank you for participating in the 1997 Techniques of Traditional Town Planning Conference as a faculty speaker. The attendees spoke very highly of the conference, and once again it was a resounding success.As the New Urbanism concept continues to grow, The Seaside Institute strives to provide knowledge on the related issues to fulfill our mission to the commitment of the restoration of civic life. We thank you for sharing your views, and hope that you will join us again next year. And once again, thank you for all that you do for us...."  Kristie Buege, Assistant Director, The Seaside Institute

"I am writing to thank you for the most informative tour you gave to me on my trip to Seaside. She may be 'The Madonna of New Urbanism' but wasn't there a guy called Kent who was the Superman of something or another. Keep flying...."  J. M. Weir, Group Design Director, Wilcon Development Group Ltd

"I also wanted to take this chance to express my enjoyment of getting to know you and sharing our thoughts. Your philosophies and insights are not only engaging, but speak to the spirit of my own beliefs of the importance of crafting experience, culture and community within the built environment. I have met very few people that fully grasp the power of theses elements when cultivated correctly. You are wonderfully ahead of the curve with you visions, and it was truly refreshing for me. I have enclosed a small token of appreciation that I sincerely hope you will enjoy. The Experience Economy is the first book I'm aware of that captures the spirit of what we were talking about. After seeing what you accomplished at Seaside, you could have written this book!!..."  John Gunderson, Lowe Enterprises

"Thanks so much for having us down to Seaside. What a great idea! I was absolutely stunned by the look and feel of the whole development. Your attention to detail and the commitment to fine architecture had meaningful impact throughout the community. I appreciate the time you shared with us." Charlie Cafazza, First Bank, St. Louis, Missouri

"Please accept my belated thanks for wonderful tour and description of Seaside. The sharing of your experience has had a substantial effect on the process of defining and planning at Silver Creek. There is a much clearer understanding of the concept of humanism and its role in the planning and development of a resort...The humanistic element is also consistent with Marise and Celso Cipriani's intentions regarding the eventual use and attractiveness of the property. By sharing your time and experience with us you have made a considerable impact on how the process is directed and focused..." James J. Collins, Collins Properties

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